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American CNC, INC.
12424 Montague Street Suite 120
Pacoima, CA 91331
Tel: 818-890-3400 - FAX: 818-890-6900

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is a professional designing and manufacturing center. In this online facility we will deliver your ideas into real word, we will take care of all your needs such as designing, analyzing and machining in order to provide you piece of mind doing all the job in one package. You just need to tell us what and when you want; your finished job will be shipped to your address in the shortest time with affordable price.

Our experienced and certified CAD/CAM/CAE engineers will provide you all your industrial needs from basic concept to finished products.

In this high competition market we are working hard and getting help from the latest technologies we always trying to keep the prices as low as possible without compromising the quality.

Our services include:
Part / Product design,
Prototype making,
Plastic Injection mold design and mold making,
Die Casting Design and Mold making.

We machine products for the Robotics, Aircraft/Aerospace, Medical, and Energy industries.

AmericanCNC.NET is professional center for your projects from basic concept to finished product. We will provide you the best possible service, high quality and competitive pricing.

For assistance with your project, use our contact us page, E-mail, or give us a call with your product specifications.

Our Products
This handbook is a practical source to help the reader understand the G-codes and M-codes in CNC lathe programming. It covers CNC lathe programming codes for everyday use by related industrial users such as managers, supervisors, engineers, machinists, or even college students. The codes have been arranged in some logical ways started with the code number, code name, group number, quick description, ... read more



You will find more than 1380 practical designs in category of non-standard clamps, jigs and fixtures, which carefully collected from companies and plants worldwide. Also you will find some fastener tables, referenced from "Machinery's Handbook", 25th edition. The pages and drawings are fully linked; user can browse the program just by clicking on icons and arrows ... read more



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