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Quality Control Equipment

Quality Control Machineries

Machines Number of units
Mitutoyo CNC vision measuring system, quick vision active 404 include CNC Renishaw probing system with stylus change rack 1
Mitutoyo manual CMM, Crysta-plus crt-pm574 manual-floating type CMM 1
Trimos v5 16"/407mm electronic height gage 54-199-540-0 1
Mitutoyo roughness tester, SURFTEST SJ-210- series 1
Bowers HOLEMATIC Pistol Grip set Bluetooth xth3 ip67 0.750” – 3.750” 1
Bowers micro gauge set Bluetooth ip65 0.089" - 0.250" 1
Scientific digital vision microscope 45x 1
Mitutoyo depth micrometer set 1
Mitutoyo tubular inside micrometers series with extension rod 1
Mitutoyo complete set of digital micrometers ip65 1
Mitutoyo verity set of digital and dial calipers 1
Intrepid dial test indicator 1
Mitutoyo ultra-precision gage block set 1
Vermont pin gage set 1
Verity of thread pin and plug gages 1
Verity of height gauges 1
Standridge verity of granite tables, 12"x24" , 24"x36" , 36"x36" 3

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