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Turning Services

At American CNC Inc., our high precision CNC Turning Centers can quickly and accurately perform various turning operations producing components with precise contours, diameters, and depths. Our turning centers are extremely versatile and efficient allowing us to rapidly produce single prototypes to thousands of parts without sacrificing the precision and quality that you expect.

Hard Turning

Because of our deep knowledge and experience with advanced cutting tools, our team can hard turn materials up to 60 HRC. This advanced processing eliminates expensive post-processing finishing operations such as grinding. We are also able to apply this technique to other aspects of turning such as boring, grooving and facing. Hard turning easily and accurately controls precision shoulder locations while holding very good micro finishes similar or better to grinding. This process allows us to control the quality and cost of the part under one roof. The advantage of hard turning is that the part is guaranteed to be round because the lobbing condition associated with centerless grinding is eliminated.

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